SAFe and certifications

I was reading about SAFe and its movement towards enterprise Agile (Thanks to a suggestion from a previous post of an expert).

Is this a well known effort in the industry.  Would getting this certification make sense at this time, would it be a worthy effort?  (The reason I ask is I have been in the industry a while and have never heard of it before)

Anthony LuciaAsked:
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Yes it is well known in the software industry.

Is this certification for it important?
I don't know as it would depend on what you are attempting to do, and/or the people offering you a position.

Certification is a fashion business (things go in and out of favour) . If you have no Agile accreditation it could be useful but if you already do then it may be unnecessary. Your best bet is to know what it is and be able to discuss it even if not expert in it's specifics.

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btw: if referencing previous questions it is useful to provide the url, the context of that expert's comment regarding SAFe may be useful to know.
Jessica RigaProducerCommented:
SAFe is widely known and growing. I don't know how well it will serve you, it depends on what kind of employmer and role you anticipate seeking in the future. Certifications in general are very contentious. Any certification can be a differentiator on your resume if most else is equal against other candidates. It would be prudent to hold some sort of Agile accreditation, especially if you are a Project Manager.

If you're fairly new to Agile then I recommend starting with the CSM or PSM I.  Both are well recognized and accepted in the industry. The CSM is the most widely held and well recognized Scrum certification avaliable. The PSM is generally regarded as more challenging to acheive, but is less expensive due to the lack of manditory training.
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