Files extension change to *.dlkgiln can't open as usual

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I have a problem that every file such as *.docx , *.xlsx , *.pdf on my computer with windows 7 professional (64Bit)
the extension of all files change to *.dlkgiln  and can't open as usual.

Now , I have turn of my computer for security and prevent virus demage another computer with the same local area network

So , Please help recommend
How to resolve this problem ?

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NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
If this is ransomware...Unless you have backups, it may be too late.
Have you done some antivirus / malwarebytes scans?

Still, this may be worth checking...Per MASQ's comment:

NHTCU "captured" a crypto Key Server so a number of encryption keys are now in the public domain and Kapersky have created an online checker to see if your files are encrypted by one of these known keys

Article on prevention...

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Get in touch with your local law enforcement authorities, they may want to have a look at the infected PC. The info they gain that way may in the future help to trace the crooks. Only after they have given you the "go ahead", wipe the PC and install the OS again (or restore to factory defaults or from a backup).

Delete the renamed files, as they are now useless. As has been mentioned, restore them from your backups.

For the future, make sure no user logs on to his PC with an account that has administrative rights. Teach teach them on how to use the internet properly, so the risk is minimized. Make sure the OS and AV tools are always up-to-date. Don't use mapped drives in a LAN environment, but rather only UNC paths, like \\IPOfServer\ShareName, UNC paths are less likely to get encrypted, although I have heard that the newest variants can also encrypt those. Do regular backups to media you rotate.
ThenkungAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much
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