Get a dynamic Folder Location?

In the attached file there is a button at the top of the MasterCopy sheet tab called "Create .xlsx From Selected for BEC" that saves selection (from column C) as an Excel .xlsx file to a specified location that is determined by the green button at the top of the sheet.

It saves the file but, how would I also save whatever the location is to a variable too?  The user will give it a filename and the file saves, however I need that complete folder path and filename.xlsx to be used in another procedure in SAP.  How would I get that?  I need to populate a field in SAP with that location.  Please advise and thanks.
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I am not entirely sure what you are wanting here, but I have taken a guess, and attached an updated version of the file that now includes a new worksheet I created called "Example_FileName_Save".

The path is placed into A1, the filename into A2, and A3 concatenates the two together if you need a single string.

How you would get that into SAP is another question entirely - you'd have to know SAP for that of course.


RWayneHAuthor Commented:
This looks like it will work...  I will do some testing on this and let you know.  Thanks!
RWayneHAuthor Commented:
Yup it worked and testing proved ok... Sorry for the delay in reply.  Thanks
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