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VMware V2V fails to re-sync on occasion with error 'requested information is not available' and 'unable to delete block-level tracking bitmap'

We are completing a number of V2V migrations using VMware vCentre Converter Standalone v 5.5.3 build 2183569

The first sync is completed, and on occasion we run the re-sync in order to bring the sync up to date.

The initial sync's were completed last week, and we've ran a resync every couple of days, leading up to the migration this weekend.

On occasion one or two servers will fail to complete the re-sync. So far we have seen this 5 times across 3 different servers out of the 10.   We have deleted the clone on the target and started the sync again, the re-sync then does complete.

At present we do not know why the re-sync can seem to fail at random. Obviously if this happens when we are trying to complete the final re-sync on the night we'll have an issue as there won't be enough time to complete a full sync in the outage window.

The error we see in vmware converter is attached;
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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Thanks Andrew,

I'm just leading up to a migration, so if they get through that, perfect.  Anything I can do to reduce the risk of a failure, or am I just hoping for the best?

I can then look for something else next time!
Try and ensure, that the physical server, is quiet, e.g. try not to do the re-sync at busy times, or (disconnect the network interface).

However, re-sync can fail, the longer you leave the final sync, we often sync every day, up to the final sync, and then we do 1 hour before cutover, and another 5 minutes before cutover.
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Thank you.