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Mail-Enabled public folder (or distribution group) as default sender address for user.


I am looking for a way to set a different default address for a group of users using Exchange 2010 & Outlook 2010, that the one set in their account. Basically the users have to send email as sales@ which currently comes back in to a mail-enabled public folder. This bit isn't a problem, it's just permissions, but what is the problem is having the sales@ to be their default from and/or reply-to address rather than their own, so instead of having to remember to set the from account when the send as sales, they would have to make a specific effort to send as themselves.

If the email address was added to their account, it would be easy, but we are talking about multiple users, so that won't work. Best answer I can come up so far is some sort of transport or rule that would change headers on all external-bound emails from those people, but that is messy unless I can use a group to manage who it applies to.

Any other suggestions welcome.
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You cannot do this at the mailbox level.
And to be honest, I wouldn't want to, as it means the users cannot communicate internally.

You need a header rewriting tool, so that users send the email to an external person as normal, but before it leaves the header is changed. Cannot be done natively without an Edge server, so unless you have one of those (and if you don't, I wouldn't deploy one for this task alone), look at a third party tool to do it for you.

Marco van BeekManaging Director


Yet another thing that Outlook/Exchange cannot do :-(