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Oracle Enterprise Manager does not discover Standby Host on Data Guard Setup

I am configuring Data Guard on Oracle using Enterprise Manager Grid Control and creating a new Standby Database.
On this step:
'The standby database can be created in any Oracle Home that has been discovered by Enterprise Manager. Only Oracle Homes on hosts that match the operating system of the primary host are shown. Select the Oracle Home in which to create the standby database.',
On the Host Search Box,I provide my standby host IP address and search for the host. EM displays 'no items found'

Primary Host:
Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

Standby Host:
VMWare - Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
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10g is obsolete and not supported.
If standby already exists and is mounted, here are the instructions for Cloud Control (grid) 12c -- perhaps you can find something equivalent in 10g:
Click on "Availability" top menu, select "Add standby database" from the drop-down and follow wizard.
PS: Look anywhere in the "HIgh Availability" menus -- there must be "Add Standby" somewhere there... ;)