MS Project 2002 Object Model

Hi all,
Where can I find MS Project 2002 Object Model?
Old link
does not exist any more :-(
Thank you in advance,
Evgeniy ShakhovskeyAsked:
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Evgeniy ShakhovskeyAuthor Commented:
Dr. Thomas HenkelmannDirector Consulting ServicesCommented:

are you looking for the client object model or for PDS description?

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Evgeniy ShakhovskeyAuthor Commented:
I am looking for client object model.
The reason is we got csv files with timesheets, which were imported from another project management system.
We need to import them to MS Project Server 2002.
This task will be performed on reguler basis.
That's why we need to create utility, which will either import CSV (or XLS) to MS Project DB, or produce
XML file to be imported to MS Project.
Dr. Thomas HenkelmannDirector Consulting ServicesCommented:
Ok. As far as I remember (this is 2002!) you could save your project to Microsoft Access .MDB format (this was an addin from MicroFrame). The nice part about this is that you can change/add/delete data with Access, then open the project from the .MDB with all the changes.

If this doesn't work an import via XLS seems the most straightforward. Coding against the client object model in these early versions of MSP was always very wacky.

But one stupid quesion: why on earth are you using Project 2002 and not a current Version?
Evgeniy ShakhovskeyAuthor Commented:
1. We are using 2002 since long ago and rather happy with it. It's very light, does not need heavy hardware/software resources. It works on Windows Server 2003 with SQL Server 2000. Intel Core 2 Duo, 100GB Hard Drive, 2 GB RAM is enough for it  :)
When I knew, what does Project Server 2013 need, I was in panic :)
2. There are some our own "add-ins" written for Project 2002, which obviously should be rewritten for current Project version.
3. I'm almost sure there is no way to upgrade Project 2002 to 2013 easily.
4. I am not fond of upgrading anything untill there is a real need :)

BTW, there is an option in my MS Project client to save the project to mdb, and I didn't install any addins. But it seems to be useless, as there is a lot of tables in mdb with most of fields containing meaningless ID numbers. No idea about relatioships between tables.
Evgeniy ShakhovskeyAuthor Commented:
Does anybody know how to import the following xls (or csv) to MS Project?

User      Task      Date      Hours
Jack London           NetApp - Upsell - Support Survey Program Enhancements      01.04.2015      7.25
Jack London           NetApp - Upsell - Support Survey Program Enhancements      02.04.2015      6.75
Jack London           NetApp - Upsell - Support Survey Program Enhancements      03.04.2015      4
Jack London           NetApp - Upsell - Support Survey Program Enhancements      04.04.2015      0

Which fields in MS Project should correspond to User, Task, Date, Hours?
How to map them?
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