Hyper-V Virtual Machine accessing a SAN

Hi, I have a Dell PowerVault MD3200i and I am having an issue with data transfer speed from a virtual machine to the SAN. I have the host configured with multiple connections to the SAN via private NICs and it transfers data to the SAN quickly. I configured a VM on the same machine using multiple virtual NICs to the same private subnets of the SAN and it connects fine; however, the data transfer speed is probably a tenth of what the host is pushing. Any thoughts? The host and the VM are both Windows 2012 R2. Thanks for your advice.
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Manojkumar RaneCommented:

- Check Virtual machine queue is enabled on NIC or not.
Run below command in powershell :

- If it is enable then disable the Virtual machine queue and check the performance
Run below command in powershell :
Disable-NetAdapterVmq -name "NIC name "
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
Is this for a guest cluster?

As a rule, iSCSI traffic paths are normally reserved for the Hyper-V hosts.

Besides VMQ on Broadcom Gigabit NICs needing to be disabled there may be some specific hardware driven settings that may not transfer well into the guest's vNIC setup.

Are Jumbo Frames enabled and set end to end on the physical network setup? Have they been enabled on the vNIC for the guests?
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