SSRS dynamic text for the field

Hi, I have a field "MonthName", and I want the month name show with * if it is a current month.
i.e. the current is month is April, in ssrs table, it will show April *. For the past month, still shows the regular month name, like January , February , March.
I have created the expression for the field, I know it is not correct, Can some one help me to correct it. thanks a lot.

=iif (Fields!MonthName.Value= monthname(today()), "monthname(today())&"*"","Fields!MonthName.Value")
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Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Try something like this, I split this out over several lines to make it easier to read

IIf (

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tanj1035Author Commented:
really helpful!!!!
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