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tips on getting a replacement iphone under applecare

i've wiped my iphone 5 etc and still feel battery life is not what it shoudl be / i carry around several battery packs to keep the phone going during the day.  any tips on how to get them to replace it under applecare (the 2 year extende warranty?).  I know they will run a battery test, but if it doesn't fail that, short of just breaking the screen intentionally, is there advice on what dto say / what to do  to get them to replace it?

it's not part of the battery recall and not part of the slide switch recalls.

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I still have my iPhone 4S and when I said battery life was poor, they upgraded the iPhone firmware but did not replace the battery (my cost to do this). Firmware did help in my case.

The biggest boost to my battery was this:  I turn OFF the email collection. I do it manually when I need to. Battery is now good for most of the day.

If you (or I) pound incessantly on our phones, then spare packs are all you can do.
Apple runs tests to find out if there is a problem with the battery and usually deny most requests.  Hopefully your phone is qualifies for one of the replacement programs below.  If your phone qualifies then Apple will just replace the phone.


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@BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelp  - Thanks, and I was happy to help.
I went in to the store.  as I was talking with the genius and he was admiring all the settings I enabled / disabled for better battery life (except for brightness... I really need it up high), we could watch the battery drop from 57% to 47% in the course of our conversation.  He gave me some tips / things to try and with 30 days if applecare+ still left, he said if the problem persisted they'd take care of me (oh, the battery passed their test / had 570 charge cycles recorded?  Amazing amount of info they can see about the phone).

Anyway, I took my time leaving - checked out the iwatch, asked questions about it and as I got to the door into the mall, the genius called me back and offered to swap the phone for me.

It came with ios 7, I charged it Friday? and sunday night, with some light web use over wifi over the weekend / getting texts, etc)) it was 28% (albeit, I didn't set up mail yet).  Just upgraded to 8.3.  We'll see.  Oh, it was at 100% today, installed 8.3 over wifi and it's at 95%.  not sure if there's a page of benchmarks - that would be interesting to see -

weekend with no use - uses x%
upgrade from ios x to y - uses z%
mapmywalk (that was a big battery suck) - uses q% / hour