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How make sub-form appear in the middle of the screen

SteveL13 asked
I have a sub-form which is in the upper-right hand corner of the main form.  And I have a command button on the main form which is resizing the sub-form when it is clicked with this code:

Me.subfrmTeamsCoachesByDivisionDS.Width = 18000

But I also want the sub-form to appear in the middle of the screen when the command button is clicked.

Is this possible?
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Software Developer
Yes, you can use this code
   Dim intOrigWidth As Integer    ' Original form width
   Dim intOffSet As Integer       ' Distance to move the control
   intOrigWidth = frm.Width
   intOffSet = (frm.WindowWidth - intOrigWidth) / 2
   frm.Painting = False           '-- Freeze the screen to prevent flickering
   subfrmTeamsCoachesByDivisionDS.left = subfrmTeamsCoachesByDivisionDS.left + intOffSet
   frm.Painting = True

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GozrehSoftware Developer

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