Unix configure command error

I am having a very hard time using this command. I unpacked a tar.gz package to a folder (cd/tmp) & then attempted to run the configure command and it produced this error message.

./configure no such file or directory

Even though the standard units procedure is to type configure before the make command in the install command, this procedure is simply is not working on this version of Linux (CentOS 7).

Please help. Thanks.
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Did you 'cd' to the top level directory of the extracted tarball beforehand?
Is there a 'configure' executable?

Maybe you should search it with

find . -name configure

Or is it a perl module which you're trying to install?
Such installations often require 'perl Makefile.PL' instead of 'configure'.

Isn't there a file 'INSTALL' (or the like) in the tarball's top level directory containing instructions?
What is the output of

ls -l configure
Tech_20Author Commented:
Thanks woolmilkporc! I found the executable 'configure' file once I located the right directory and the command worked.
Tech_20Author Commented:
woolmilkporc asked the right questions leading to the solution.
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