MS Access Remove Lines with strTrainLevel value of anything other than null or 0 from report.

I have a report created in an access database that will list all employees and their training level for a particular class:
0 -  needs the training
1- Can do the task with supervision        etc......

Now when I run my report it includes all people and their status for that class, but what I would like is for the report to only list people with a strTrainLevel value of 0 or null so that I can run this report monthly and know who has training coming up or who needs it....

The report is named rptTrainingForAClass

I have attached the DB. This was an example database I found on the internet for free and doesn't contain any info about my company.
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Filter the query "WHERE (((qryRecordsQuery.strTrainLevel)=0 Or (qryRecordsQuery.strTrainLevel) Is Null))"

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MarcVisteAuthor Commented:
Where are you findin the specific query? I'm new to the access thing...
I upload the file, look in the recordsource of the report
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MarcVisteAuthor Commented:
Did you make the change in the database you uploaded? I went to recordsource in the reports properties and I see queries, but all I see is:

So when I try to add your text there it complains about not being in the list. Does that matter, or am I in the wrong place altogether?
I already added the where statement to the query.
just run this report to see the result.
MarcVisteAuthor Commented:
I guess I  just wanted to look at the query itself so I could see your change.  Can you tell me where I need to look? I want to learn this so if I need to make additional changes I have at least some semblence of an idea on where to go. :)
I changed the criteria from query "qryTrainingForAClass" to:
"SELECT qryRecordsQuery.strProcNum, qryRecordsQuery.[Procedure Title], qryRecordsQuery.strProcRev, qryRecordsQuery.strEmpNum, qryRecordsQuery.Name, qryRecordsQuery.dtmDate, qryRecordsQuery.strTrainLevel
FROM qryRecordsQuery
WHERE (((qryRecordsQuery.strTrainLevel)=0 Or (qryRecordsQuery.strTrainLevel) Is Null))
ORDER BY qryRecordsQuery.strProcRev, qryRecordsQuery.strEmpNum, qryRecordsQuery.dtmDate;"

You can read more about query criterias Examples of query criteria
MarcVisteAuthor Commented:
I've looked in queries, Ive looked in the properties for the button click on the run report button, etc... can you tell me exactly where you made the change? I need to snag that snipet of code and drop it into the actual database I use since the one provided has dummy data...

Sorry this is taking so long....
Go to the properties of your report "rptTrainingForAClass", under Data - Record Source
click next to "qryTrainingForAClass"
MarcVisteAuthor Commented:
I am there and I see what you do on the picture provided, I am just not seeing where you made the change. There is no block of text that size on the screen. I have moved through all of the items in qryRecordsQuery window and mucked around in all of the fields, but don't see where you made a change....
look on the last field in that query i added the criteria "0 Or Is Null",

You should read more about query criteria here Examples of query criteria
MarcVisteAuthor Commented:
Oh wow, right in bloody front of me. I was looking for that entire code snippet you had posted earlier in this thread. So sorry!  Thanks a ton, and I will go read about those now.
MarcVisteAuthor Commented:
Really worked through this with me even though I was not seeing what he had changed. Very good job, thank you!
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