random? asn results mtr

When doing a traceroute using mtr and including the --aslookup option, the private IP results are a little confusing.

Sometimes, my local IPs show an asn then my providers private IPs show their own asn.

What's going on? This can't be random, what is it based on and how do private IPs get different asn?
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projectsAuthor Commented:
The answer is simply that the routers broadcast the asn if one is assigned to it.
AkinsdNetwork AdministratorCommented:
It just means the traffic is traversing different paths (ASPaths precisely)
This is a normal behavior
projectsAuthor Commented:
Well, I know this part but, why would my private IPs have one asn and my upstream who is also using private IPs have another?
How are the asn found? Does my local dns give a different result than an external dns might?

Etc etc.
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AkinsdNetwork AdministratorCommented:
I'm a little confused by your question
- Are you running BGP or IBGP. If yes, AS is manually configured for IBGP or BGP
projectsAuthor Commented:
I am trying to understand networking and routing a little better.
Here is an example from my desk to some server over the internet where I don't control routers.

# mtr -c1 -r -n --aslookup someDomain.com

1. AS4565 = My local router but asn shows MegaPath Networks
2. AS11492   x.x.x.x        = My Provider and my static router IP
3. AS??? = Probably still inside my providers network
4. AS36752  = Yahoo (for some weird reason???)
5. AS14778 = Inktomi


Notice the different asn for the private IPs? Those are specifically what my question is about.

In the case of the firs hop, it's just a local firewall, doesn't have BGP or anything else so I'm guessing it's asn comes from the internal ASN results BUT, why is it showing MegaPath Networks? Are they the people in charge of asn?

The others I understand, because even if private, it is the router broadcasting the AS.
projectsAuthor Commented:
Found my own answer.
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