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divide two double number

I want to divide two double number and then round up the  result to integer

What is the easiest way ?
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double a1=157;
double a2=32;
int total = (int) Math.ceil(a1/a2)
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Math.ceil is not the same as rounding ...
which programming language?
You added Java and JavaScript topics - but they are totally different languages with different data types and functions.
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java should be fine.

Although I am using a different  language   but  java  should get this thing done there.  I am using a BPM tool where language similar to java is used.

Here is the actual language  though

I am stuck to do this two things  basically :

Isssue 1 :

Double d1
Double d2

Double d3 = (d1/d2)*100  // round up this  result upto 3 digits

Issue 2:

Double d1
Double d2

Double d3 = (d1/d2)*100  // round up the  result to integer

I am looking for a  solution .   provide  me few choices to try with.  Need help at this part.

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Thanks CHEJ,

I would love to use that ...

But String format is not recognized in this language  

Is there any mathematical solution ?  without  any API method call
I don't know the language, so i'm giving you Java, as you asked ;)
Try NumberFormat
Yup...found a work around...thanks.