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PowerShell 1.0 count rows in CSV with trailing comma...

cyimxtck asked
I am trying to get PowerShell to give me the count of rows in a csv file and if there are 1 rows or more(aside from the header), email the files.  Every csv file has a header and some have a trailing comma which is causing problems.

So in PowerShell 1.0 you cannot use the -Header() or you get this error:
Import-Csv : A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name 'Header'.  

That pops up when I try to:
Import-Csv \\somedirectory\my.csv -Header (gc \\somedirectory\my.csv)[0].trim(",").split(",") | select -skip 1

$size1 = 0
#$size1 = $size1 + (Import-Csv \\somedirectory\my.csv).count
above fails due to the trailing comma with the famous:

Import-Csv : Cannot process argument because the value of argument "name" is invalid. Change the value of the "name" ar
gument and run the operation again.

Any help would be greatly! appreciated.


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You can count lines with Get-Content.  Not quite sure what your question is.  You just want the number of lines that have a trailing comma?  Or are you interested in whether the header has a trailing comma?
I don't have easy access to PS 1.0 so I can't test, but you should be able to do something like this, which gives you the count of rows that have a trailing comma, excluding the header.
$count = (Get-Content file.csv | Select -Skip 1 | Where { $_ -match ",$" }).count

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The Select-Object command is used to skip the header.
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There is never a reason to stay with PS1. You can and must update to PS2. Too many restrictions are applied, and bugs contained.
Upgrading to PS2 will allow to provide header names.


I agree and want 2.0 but they won't do it yet.....thanks for the script as this ancient dinosaur has worked out in 1.0!  :)