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Acano and Lync

Has anyone had experience tying these together with a trusted application.  I am having trouble figuring out how to get the certificate and trust relationship built.

I create a .csr from Acano.  Download the .csr from the appliance and complete the request via CA.  This results in a .cer file that goes back on Acano and is paired with a key file.  I'm sure this is an obvious task to many.  

I have the trusted application created in Lync as well as routing.

Here is a brief look at the config:
Identity :
Route    : {;MatchOnlyPhoneUri=False;Enabled=True;ReplaceHostInRequestUri=False}

Identity                   :
ComputerGruus              : {
ServiceGruu                :;gruu;opaque=srvr:
Protocol                   : Mtls
ApplicationId              : urn:application:acano-vtc
TrustedApplicationPoolFqdn :
Port                       : 5061
LegacyApplicationName      : acano-vtc

Not here is where I am stuck.  I am not sure how to get the cer file and key from acano to pair the 2 services.  I dont have staff that is highly familiar with certificates so I am fumbling through this on my own.

Acano is pretty new too so I am having difficulty finding examples on the interwebz.  This is the snippet from their cert config doc:
If you are connecting a Lync deployment to your Acano solution, you are advised to use the same Certificate Authority (CA) that is trusted byLync Front End Servers. Contact your Lync adviser for details of the CA and for support on the Acano-Lync integration.
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trg-sysadmin, we are having issues with Lync communicating with Acano.  What was your routing problem?  Any help would be great.  I can open a new question.