Firefox Add ON?

I am trying to use the site udemy to take some on-line classes.

The first thing they ask you to do is download some files, they give you directions, but the page they link to has NOTHING of what they are referring.

See attached. Note at the VERY top, above the green bar, it says "UDEMY DAILY DEALS" and at the right it says "View all 3 deals". That bar (it turns out) hides the links I am suppose to see. I open the page in Chrome & that is not there.

The people at Udemy tell me that's a FireFox add on; I doubt that it is obviously their advertising & of course it appears ONLY on the udemy site.

Is it possible there is a FireFox add on that is causing this?

If there is, how do I get rid of it?

Richard KortsAsked:
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Try safe mode.  The instructions are on  If it doesn't show up in safemode, Follow the instructions on to remove plugins.
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