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This is a very mysterious and big problem that I have. In my pictures I have many sub folders. Some folders when I try to delete a picture I am able to do that as long as I have view-sort by name or type is selected the picture is deleted and go to recycle bin as it should .but if I have view-sort by SIZE then the picture is technically deleted but it stays in the folder until I refresh it then it goes away to recycle bin. the second problem is the rotate clock wise and counter clockwise is greyed out in the context menu when right click on a picture  in one specific folder the rest of folders is not greyed out . I would like to know why is it greyed out and how to fix it as well.  Thank you
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAsked:
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was this always so - or did it start recently?
if recent - a system restore to a date it was ok can help
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
it has been for a few weeks.
then try a system restore to a date before that - you can  also look what programs are affected
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The first keys to your problem Basem is the fact windows wil not load the images from the thumbnails view,> Some folders when I try to delete a picture I am able to do that as long as I have view-sort by name or type is selected << so when not in thumbnail view it deletes.
I would first move your folders up to level 3 no deeper. Folders within folders within folders may not get indexed properly, maybe too much for windows to load in thumbnail view especially if the thumbnail cache is really large.
Please run a disc cleanup and delete windows thumbnails / including TEMP files, empty the recycle bin.
disk cleanupDo you have a defrag scheduled for once a month?
rightclick C drive properties,>tools defrag.
How much free space on your HDD?
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
Yes I do defrag once a week, I have 468 GB free space, Can you please explain what do you mean by this""I would first move your folders up to level 3 no deeper""

Thank you
Hi Basem, probably bad choice of words, the folder tree, when viewed from windows explorer  kinda like this, for illustration only as i grabbed it off the internet, see how the top folder expands to every folder with in a folder. how many folders do you within a folder tree?
lets say you have a master folder, 5 gigs of pictures, then you have a folder inside this master with another 5 gig of pictures, and inside this folder another folder, that's three.
how big is each folder?
From what you say it seems to me that windows cannot populate the deeper folders at the bottom of the folder tree. And therefore cannot delete them.
But works when using icons only.
Could be caused by long file name.
See this from Microsoft
Cause 4: Files exist in paths that are deeper than MAX_PATH characters
You may not be able to open, edit, or delete a file if there are issues with the file path.
Resolution 1: Use an auto-generated 8.3 name to access the file.

Resolution 2: Rename or move a deep folder
Rename the folder so that the target files that are deeper than the MAX_PATH no longer exist. If you do this, start at the root folder (or any other convenient place), and then rename folders so that they have shorter names. If this step does not resolve this issue (for example, if a file is more than 128 folders deep), go to Resolution 4.
Use a network share that is as deep as the folder

If Resolution 1, 2, and 3 are not convenient or do not resolve the issue, create a network share that is as deep in the folder tree as you can, and then rename the folders by accessing the share.
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
After looking at the example of the folder tree then I have level 1 folder. I have the main/master my pictures folder and inside of it I have several folders of pictures. I appreciate the elaborate solution you proposed but to be quiet honest with you I am intimidated with the complexity of the steps involved and even if I knew how to do that I don't know for a fact that will solve my problem.

The first keys to your problem Basem is the fact windows will not load the images from the thumbnails view,
You are partially correct in this statement. It takes forever whenever I have view-thumbnails for pictures to load and I have to repeatedly click F5. I am not sure as you stated it is a windows inherent issue or not . If there is nothing else you can suggest I guess I will have to continue doing things hoping I will be lucky and it works for me at that moment. Although I would like to know if there is a solution to this issue which I don't if there is a correlation between the 2 problems? When I right click on a picture or a folder  to delete I get a blue spinning circle before for about a minute before the context menu opens in order to delete or rename etc.... Is there a solution and are these 2 issues tied in to each other ?

Thank you
Basem how large has your temp thumbnail cache grown,check my picture above, you haven't confirmed  you run disc cleanup?
I'd start there.
Does this same problem occur if you rightclick a folder on your desktop?
This is highly likely a windows problem. basically what we have here is refresh problem with the thumbnails view, once you delete a file it takes a long time to disappear /refresh.
With the rightclick causes an hourglass possibly a 3rd party software installed is messing with it.
That software has installed an item on your context menu.
Can you recall any software installed lately that added to your rightclick context menu?
There is a tool called ShellExView which shows all the programs in your rightclick context menu and here you can select which to disable.

Have you emptied your recycle bin on the desktop?
For the refresh problem,
One option is to modify  the registry key, do this only if comfortable modifying the registry, the key will be dontrefresh << exactly like that.
Click Start, and TYPE ‘regedit’ in the search box
regeditHighlight local machine first
2 highlight local machineClick on Edit then Find type in dontrefresh
find textfind textRight click on Dontrefresh and click Modify
Change the Hexadecimal value from‘1 to 0 ok to save it.
modify binary to zeroyou can undo using the same method in reverse.

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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
It takes time to build the thumbnails.. and uses a lot of disk activity
thumbnail disk activity
Depending upon the disk type, speed of the disk, processor speed, processor activity, available memory..  this may take a long time, and if you hit f5 to refresh it starts all over again but  if you change the folder options to always show icons never thumbnails then it will be faster.

the problem being you can't see the imageAnother work around is to use the preview panenot thumnail view with preview pane
Given the limitations previously enumerated you have to have patience or work on the limitations (faster disks)
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
I did run the disk clean up. sorry I forgot to mention it. I do not remember the thumbnail size , I will try to mess with the registry tonight although what does the do not refresh mean by changing from 1 to 0. also to answer your question about the right click today everything on desktop and individual pictures within the folders worked like a charm no blue spinning circle. That was pure luck usually it's not like that.

If I show icons not thumb nails then defeats the purpose of what I am trying to accomplish. Meaning overtime pictures got shuffled around into different folders so I am trying to group them together based on that specific folder. If I can not see what I am moving then I wont be able to do that. The way to do it is to show thumb nails. also David what di need to do with the task manager based on the picture provided? I am not too clear on that

Sounds like the disck cleanup may have fixed the thumbnails problem, Good!!
does the do not refresh mean by changing from 1 to 0.

the dontrefresh  is the key that sets the standards for how quickly windows explorers refreshes your action,
 Since the deleted image is not disappearing instantly  changing the 1 to zero to Zero may help speed it up. for example when you delete a file windows explorer auto refreshes and the file disappears. Changing it to zero speeds it up.
To answer on behalf of David Johnson, to save using the the thumbnails view you can instead use the preview pane,
First navigate to the folder of your pictures go to the top of windows explorer click on Organise and this panel expands>click on Layout>then Preview Pane, now a bar will appear on the right,  a light blue bar,
drag it to the left
the more to the left the bigger the preview, great for previewing PDF.
Now when you hover your mouse over an icon of your image "NOT THUMBNAIL" it previews on the right.
The idea is to use icons not thumbnails but be able to see the preview of the images. This how I use my picture folders as well..
Use Windows explorers side panel to move your pictures between folders.
organise Preview panePreview pane
Basem KhawajaClinical PharmacistAuthor Commented:
Thank you everyone
Glad we could help you Basem.
Best Wishes
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