Looking for rain proof shield for USB cable.

I have a usb cable hanging outside at parking lot. We have all in-vehicle surveillance camera for our fleet. They upload video clips using the usb cable. It used to reside inside rain proof box, but drivers complained, and we got rid of it, now the usb cable just hands outside in the parking space for use.

It works well, but when there's heavy rain, the usb plug gets wet and it doesn't allow drivers to  upload video clips. So, I was thinking to put some small rain proof rubber tube around the usb plug, but  can't figure what material to use for the purpose.

usb rain proof tube
Anything just comes up to your mind to suggest?
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William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
You can by plastic covers for them but a bunch will probably get lost unless you tether it to the cable.

When you say 'rubber tube';  are you attempting to waterproof a  permanent connection,  Or   protect a cable end that is left  always disconnected and hanging in an unprotected environment?

Have you considered using another connector type, with an adapter, or a twist lock socket;  and use an additional interface cable kept in the vehicle to plug into the sealed outlet  when it's needed?

crcsupportAuthor Commented:
Yep, 200 drivers, They won't do the capping, uncapping. Something should be like plastic or rubber with embedded spring
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William FulksSystems Analyst & WebmasterCommented:
Is wireless not an option where you are? Long term, this is a bad idea because that cable is going to corrode and you'll risk damaging the USB ports on the fleet computers. USB cables are meant to use indoors, not hang outside in the weather.
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
Half of them still have non-wifi cameras. So we must provide usb cable to upload clips for them.
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
I found. wow. Someone made it for me. lol
> Yep, 200 drivers, They won't do the capping, uncapping.

It begins to sounds like an issue for HR to address about drivers not open to doing their jobs, screwing the cap back on;
is not really a technical problem.

You want a reliable self-sealing watertight connector,  but there aren't a whole lot of options;
especially not at the end of a cable  left dangling around,  since whatever protection is used
has to be of a type able to be easily broken,  for the cable to connect to something.

A piece of tubing around a plug isn't going to stop water from getting on the connector;  unless it is capped at the end, or the end of the tube is kept out of the rain.

There are self-sealing USB ports.

Essentially the real options are:

1. Don't have a dangling cable:
    o Weatherproof port instead  with cable in the driver's vehicle, Or,

2. Shield the end of the cable:
    o Auto-retracting cable under a weatherproof flap,  or else in a rainproof box like you had before.
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
The usb is already with retractable reel. But the cable has to be handed close to  the driver seat. We considered a small roof to protect from raining, but discouraged due to safety issue.
It gives trouble only during heavy rain for a day. I guess having a small open cap around the USB conductor will do the job.
crcsupportAuthor Commented:
Thank you everyone.
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