nexus 7 drivers problems

Hi, I have enbled the usb debug option on my nexus 7 so I can develop applications, I have also set the connection property to camera (PTP) and after hours trying to find why my device was not listed in my developing software I have found that there's a conflict in the device manager.    I have followed these steps to correct this :

It's not working because I don't have the "USB composite" listed, I have some other choices but none will install.    I'm pretty much out of ideas from here.

I'm using windows 8, I have tested in my wmware windows 7 environment and the tablet is installed correctly.

Thank you for any help on this matter.

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Molnár IstvánHelpDesk / ProgrammerCommented:
try to uninstall the Android Composite ADB Interface driver, after that install it manually:
download it from here:
to get the latest driver, follow this guide:

hope it helps
Molnár IstvánHelpDesk / ProgrammerCommented:
you can try this too:
1. uninstall the driver in the device manager with option "delete the driver software for this device"
1. reconnect the Nexus tablet
2. let windows install a default driver which will be inadequate
3. uninstall again the device in the device manager with the option  "delete the driver software for this device"
4. let windows try to find the driver, this process will fail
5. go back to the device manager and right click the failed device and update driver
6. choose the driver location in the android sdk directory (android/extra/google/usb_driver)

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Buropro-CitationAuthor Commented:
I have tried to uninstall the driver and then install it from the usb_driver folder, I always have a code 39 message saying that the driver in missing or corrupted.   Currently I have two adb installed on my computer, one that came with eclipse and the other that came with delphi XE.    I have tried to plug my lonovo yoga tablet and this one too is not recognize, worse than that, no adb driver is showing up with this tablet.    At home if I connect the yoga tablet on my other computer, all is working fine.
Buropro-CitationAuthor Commented:
Here are the steps I have done after viewing the aboved recommanded YouTube video.

1. Uninstalled drivers (nexus 7 and adb).
2. Installed the android SDK.
3. Installed a more recent JDK version.
4. Download from the SDK the USB drivers.
5. Installed manually the inf file from the extra\Google\usb_driver folder.
6. I still have an error, I have deleted the drivers again.
7. Downloaded the latest_usb_drivers from android.
8. Installed drivers from that folder.
9. Still not working, deleted the drivers.
10. Installed the nexus 7 driver (not adb), said to choose from a list, said "have disk", specified the usb_driver folder and I'm having a message that no compatible drivers were found (X64).
11.  I have remove the usb debug option, just connected the tablet and saw that no ADB was showed (which is normal I think) and that the nexus 7 still have a yellow exclamation point, not recognized, still the missing or corrupted drivers.

I have done pretty much what was mentioned in earlier posts, I'm not sure what I can do next.

I have one question though, the drivers from Google android are called usb drivers, are these drivers to detect the nexus 7 tablet or are these adb drivers which are two different things I guess?
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