Excel printing all workbooks: All worksbsheets need to be simplex but one worksheet needs to be duplex

I have a workbook that I print out 10 worksheets via selecting all the tabs and printing. 9 of these need to be printed out as simplex and the last needs to be printed out as duplex. Is this possible or can I not batch print all of these together.
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Set up the Printer First
Move to each worksheet you are going to print.
Go to the Print area or dialog box. In Excel 2010, for example, choose File > Print > Print. Or even easier, for any version, press the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl] + P.
You aren't actually going to print at this time, but you need to set each of the worksheets to the double-sided option.
Excel 2007 and earlier: From the Print dialog box, choose Properties to change the duplex or double-sided option. OK back to the Print dialog box.
Excel 2010: The double-sided output option is directly available in the updated print area.
Next, choose Close instead of OK to close the print area

 there was a long discussion in EE similar to simplex and dupex printing WITH vba.   this EE question which was answered might be  also be of help to you.

Rainer JeschorCommented:
you can create a macro / VBA code to do this.

For the duplex mode Microsoft released a knowledge base entry because there is no direct built-in property.
Code can be found here:
I have no duplex printer available but I will upload a sample Excel file.
Rainer JeschorCommented:
And here the sample Excel with two buttons (Show printer selection and Print all Sheets):
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