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Google map plug-in in Joomla not working anymore

I have a site developed with Joomla! and I use the Google map plugin ({mosmap} magic word in article).
This was working fine on "my" computer, used as server
Now I migrated my site to a host (OVH) and nothing appears except the text when article is open.
Site now is, menu "Accès"
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Codrut Tambu
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Many thanks for your quick answer
In which files do I need to make these changes ?
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Sorry, I didn't realize that you gave me the full files path !
The error was in fact that some sub-directories in that plugin_googlemap3 was in uppercase (transfer from Windows site to Linux) and so these files could not be located by Linux
I renamed all of them and now it's fine
Thanks again
You're welcome.
Glad I've could help!

Best regards.