PC assigning IP range

I have a WiFi router I want to connect to a LAN port of an existing FIOS router to extend my WiFi range.  It appears the new router initially requires its address to be  My FIOS router can't do that.  I believe a Windows computer, using ICS or something, can assign IP addresses to a device that is plugged into the 2nd NIC.

What do I do in Windows to make it supply DHCP with a specific range to the 2nd NIC?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I think you want to connect your new router to your network (based on what you said).

Hook up a LAN port on the new router to a LAN port on your existing router.

Hook up a computer to the new router and use a web browser to access See if you can do that. You may need to set a static IP on your PC temporary so it gets an address. It might work with the web browser.

Once you have the web management screen for the new router, give it a LAN static IP address on your existing router.

Now turn DHCP OFF on the new router.

That should do what you wish.

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IBMJunkmanAuthor Commented:
That worked.  Set the WAN to be DHCP and the FIOS router made it  The new router as an entry that is the address used to get into the setup screen.  I can't make it anything in 192.168.1.x   If I make it I can get into setup via the PC attached to the router.  But not from the main PC attached to the FIOS router.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If you want the new router to be on a different subnet than the main router (so you cannot connect devices between the two routers) then try the following:

Hook up the WAN port of the new router to a LAN port on the network.

Leave DHCP turned ON for the new router.

Set the new router DHCP range to be or something like that.

When you do as above or do as you did in your post and give the new router a different subnet, you effectively disconnect the routers from each other. This is normal.
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IBMJunkmanAuthor Commented:
OK, started over.  FIOS LAN port to new router LAN port. 2nd PC to new router LAN. Got into admin screen at using 2nd PC attached to new router.  Set admin page address to Rebooted and re-entered admin page using  WAN is set to DHCP.  Disconnected LAN cable between new and FIOS router.  Entered admin on FIOS router using 1st PC and set a static IP of using the MAC of the new router.  Connect FIOS LAN port to new router WAN port. Using 2nd PC enter admin page of new router using and box pops saying conflict and changes admin page address to  Reboots and I can access at using 2nd PC.

1st PC cannot access new router admin using or  Does reply to ping on, not 2.251.

It seems this router cannot have its admin page (LAN) address to be on the same N.N.N as its IP address.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
In order to have two subnets, your main router needs to do VLAN's which I do not think it does. Your two subnets are separate and so you cannot work between them.

I keep my routers on the same subnet (and of course, I can manage from anywhere). Why do you need two subnets?
IBMJunkmanAuthor Commented:
If by subnets you mean 192.168.1 vs 192.168.2 I don't.  Seems this device will not allow the WAN address to be the same subnet as the DHCP addresses it supplies.  It changed the LAN address to when it saw the WAN was

I solved the problem I was trying to fix by using a -9db antenna on the Wireless AP the furthest cam uses. So I don't need this $30 router.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Subnets ARE 192.168.2.x and 192.168.1.x . Those are subnets by definition and making them different is what is causing you issues.

If you do not need the extra router, fine. My first post was how to set it up on the same subnet and, course, that works.

I think your confusion was over the proper use of subnets.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@IBMJunkman  - Thanks and I was happy to help.  Good luck with your setup.
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