How to grant RDP access to a XA65 host for a non administrator account & granting them access to the App Center.

We have just been taken over by another company. On our side, we are running XenApp 6.5 published desktops. There is a domain trust setup between the 2 domains. I want to allow access to RDP into the Data Collectors & access the AppCenter on our side, to the IT team in the new company (which is on a different domain to the XenApp Servers).
So lets the domain with the XenApp Servers "Domain A" & the domain for the company that has just taken over, "Domain B".

Currently the only way a user account on Domain B can RDP into the XenApp hosts, & also to access the App Center is to make them a domain admin for Domain A.
The problem is that we don't want certain accounts from Domain B to be domain admins for Domain A.

Is it possible to achieve this without making the users domain admins?
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Tony JLead Technical ArchitectCommented:
I always set up at least two groups - one will be a CTX_Users and another CTX_Admins. A third might be CTX_RestrictedAdmins.

The user group get all of the group policy lockdowns.

The restricted group may get some level of admin access such as in the Citrix Management Console(s).

Only the members of the Admins group get administrative access to the servers and consoles.

Domain Admins et al never get put into this group - it only ever has users specifically added.

This allows for much more granular control and prevents someone doing something stupid or malicious just by virtue of being a Domain Admin, for example.
Brian CTXSupportCitrix ConsultantCommented:
You could make them local admins on the specific Citrix Servers in question without giving them domain admin as well, and you can use the Add Administrator option in the Citrix Console to grant access there to any user or group, and give specific permissions if you so desire.  Ultimately they will likely get whatever access they want if their company bought yours.
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