Pure HTML5 in uploading files or .docx

Hi experts,
Does HTML5 alone is capable of uploading files or .docs? if yes please provide me sample. If not please give me reasons. Thanks!
Whing Dela CruzAsked:
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
No it is not.  HTML of any version only runs in the browser and not on the server.  You can write a form page in HTML to upload files but that isn't enough.  A program in a server side language such as ASP or PHP is required to receive uploaded files and save them to the disk on the server.
Ronak PatelCommented:

From only HTML5 its not possible, but you can create a web service and call it from jquery ajax post method to upload the file to server or store it in a database.

Here is an example: HTML5 File Drag and Drop Upload With jQuery and ASP.NET

Hope this helps.

Whing Dela CruzAuthor Commented:
Thanks both of you guys. more power!
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