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Excel Pivot table date formating

Taras asked
I am bringing data from SQL SERVER as data source in my Excel 2010. One of Column on my Data_Source Worksheet is named  Fiscal_Quarter. This column has values Quarter1,Quarter2,Quarter3,Quarter4.
I am going to create pivot table from this source data.
I want to see in my pivot table those values not as Quarter1,Quarter2….but as Qrt1,Qrt2,Qrt3,Qrt4.
How to do this.
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Top Expert 2015
The easiest solution which i can tell you to do this is select your raw data where you have quarter.. and in their

press ctrl+H which will open the replace option...

replace what-->Quarter
Replace with-->Qrt

Hit replace all and their you go you will be set as your values will be changed and you can show them accordingly in the pivot table easily...

Professor JMicrosoft Excel Expert
Top Expert 2014
you can actually edit them in the pivot table. without changing the huge source data

once you created the pivot table,  select the cell with Quarter and press F2 in keyboard and it goes to edit mode and then change it to Qrt


Thanks a lot