When trying to use   xcopy H:\ F:\ /v/y/r/h/e/d , I get an error "Insufficient Memory" and may be due to long file name. So can i have the option of copying all the folders and files from one hard drive to another with robocopy. i need to schedule the same once a day.
Hiren LapsiwalaManager - Information TechnologyAsked:
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Use the Task Scheduler to run a scheduled robocopy job.
Hiren LapsiwalaManager - Information TechnologyAuthor Commented:
Also can you share the batch file to run robocopy as required.
This makes an exact copy of h:\ to f:\. Also, it copies...

- the directory timestamps
- NTFS security settings
- Subfolders, including empty ones.
- Retry = 0. Default = 1000000
- Wait = 0. Default = 30 secs
- Appends to logfile rcresults.txt

robocopy /mir /dcopy:T /copyall /e /r:0 /w:0 /log+:rcresults.txt h:\ f:\

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Hiren LapsiwalaManager - Information TechnologyAuthor Commented:
I guess i would have to remove "/mir" as i do not want to delete any files from destination if deleted from source.

Also will this script run from a text file saved as .bat
Yes, regarding /mir
Yes. Save the code to desired file, e.g. CopyHToF.bat

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Hiren LapsiwalaManager - Information TechnologyAuthor Commented:
Thanks NVIT
You're welcome, Hiren. Thanks for the opportunity to help. Have a nice day...
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