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so I am receiving error 2170 (ms exchange replication slow IO error) on one of my exchange 2010 servers. Nothing has changed in roughly 3 years but these errors just started a week ago. I do have the DBs and logs on the same spindles but it has been that way since it was first put into production. Some mailboxes on the DB receiving the errors are between 20 and 30 GB.

I found several posts pointing to resources. This is a VM. It has (2) 4-core processors and 10 GB RAM. The vSphere client shows 'Consumed Host Memory' at 10318 MB and 'Active Guest Memory' at 1228 MB, give or take a little (I saw it go to 1848 MB or so). Seems like there is plenty of memory. However, when I go to the server and open task manager > performance tab > resource monitor, it shows 85% used physical memory (8774 MB in use, 712 MB standby, and 750 MB free).

All that said, I am going to add RAM I guess, perhaps 2 - 4 GB and see if that alleviates the error since I really can't do anything about the storage / spindles right now.

Any thoughts on the exchange error are appreciated.

If someone could explain to me why the memory shows so much less used in vSphere as compared to within the server's resource monitor itself would be great.

king daddyAsked:
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
You can give Exchange 32gb of RAM and it will use 31gb. That is how it is designed to work.
Storage is always the Exchange bottleneck. You can throw RAM and processors at Exchange, but it usually make little difference. On Exchange 2010 I rarely put more than 16 of RAM in to a system unless it is holding a lot of users.

As for the differences, they are measuring different things. From memory, Windows is showing the allocated memory, which Exchange will always allocate as much as it can. VMWARE is showing the actual use within that allocation, which will usually be less.
Without knowing user numbers it is hard to know if it is working correctly.

What are you using for storage? Does the Exchange server share a datastore with other VM's that have high I/O.

Have you check your switch logs?
king daddyAuthor Commented:
sorry for taking so long to get back to this. still working on it. likely going to move DBs to new storage and monitor
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