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I have a client whose computer died. I was able to recover all data and set him up with everything he had before on a new pc.

Issue is Outlook 2010. Recovered the pst file and set up Outlook (old and new both 2010). Program no longer uses nk2 files and autocomplete settings have been lost. Reports say this data should be part of pst but apparently isn't.

My normal trick, usually successful, is to create a draft email with all addresses in it, save it, don't send it. After a minute or two these are all remembered as autocomplete. Doesn't work this time. Anyone to whom client sends an email will in the future have autocomplete work.

I'm out of ideas and the client is a pain, keeps asking what my research has shown for this.

Any helpful guidance?


PS I find that my "trick" of the draft email does temporarily create autocomplete entries. But, they are lost once Outlook is shut down.
Bruce CorsonPresidentAsked:
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MAS (MVE)Technical Department HeadCommented:
Navigate to the below directory and copy the file from your recovered files and renameit as your current autocomplete file

Please check this for details
Bruce CorsonPresidentAuthor Commented:
This looks like it will work. I will rate this as the answer, as we no longer have the old drive from which to get the data.

I also have run into another possible solution: to paste all the addresses in "Suggested Contacts", which now function as an autocomplete source, according to some reading. I'm going to try that.
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