2012 RDS Deployment RoundRobin Issues?

Hi everyone,

I am setting up a new RDS deployment. Here is the setup

RDWA01 (Web, Gateway, Broker Services)

RDSH01 (Session Host & License)

RDSH02 (Session Host)

I have setup two dns pointers rdsfarm which one points to rdsh01 the other to rdsh02

I verified round robin is working for the dns pointers.

I setup a collection rdsfarm and published apps to it.

Now, when the first user logs in they can get in and run the remoteapp... (connects to rdsh01) no issues.

When the second OR if the first user's session is closed and attempts to reconnect, it connects them to rdsh01 but rdsh01 is redirecting traffic to rdsh02......... I get a "An authentication error has occured 0x607"... i assume this is the connection broker "load balancing the connections"

Also when this happens and you try to rdp to the server rdsh01 it throws an error

" The remote computer rdsh01 that you are trying to connect to is redirecting you to another remote computer named rdsh02. Remote desktop connection cannot verify that the computers belong to the same RD Session Host server farm. You muse use the farm name, not the computer name, when you connect to an rD Session host server farm"

In the gateway manager, i setup a local stored computers group with "RDS Farm" as the name and having the rdsh01, rdsh02, and rdfarm as the network resources.

Does anyone have any insight to what i am missing?
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Don't use round-robin DNS with 2012. Let the connection broker do its job. It handles session distribution. RR DNS actually breaks things.
is_staffAuthor Commented:
Thanks Cliff for responding.

I originally did not have RR DNS and it was having the issue still. Is it something else on the Connection Broker that is not working as it should?

I will remove the 2 entries and see if that has any better luck.
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