How to add options to a field in Microsoft dynamics CRM

I have a client who has a CRM server onsite that is used to manage Client property information for a housing development.

The development is adding a new Village (neighborhood) and needs to add new options to the Village field, which is selected on the resident information page.

I have attached a screenshot of this information page with the field highlighted in the red box.

any help would be greatly appreciated.CRM Customer information page.
Mark RohrbeckOwner - Celera IT ServicesAsked:
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Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
This is done via the customization area in Settings | Customizations or you referring to your screenshot, click the Customize tab on the ribbon and then click Customize Entity. In the new window, navigate to fields under Property and look for the Village field. There you can add new values to the option set (pick list). If the field is using a global option set, then you will need to click Edit next to the Option set name and add the new value in the definition of the global set. When you've done that, save and then click Publish All Customizations in the Default Solution window that opened. Be warned that this publishes any pending changes to all entities in CRM.  Alternatively click on Village in the left hand side of the solution window, wait for the screen to refresh and then click Publish which will only deploy changes to the Village entity.
Mark RohrbeckOwner - Celera IT ServicesAuthor Commented:
Perfect, thank you very much. Exactly what I was looking for.
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