Specific access right to articles in Joomla!

I want to give specific users access to some specific articles and nobody else
I thought that creating a group for which these users will be members and then giving the access to that group on these articles was possible.
But it seems it is not possible to do on the articles.
Is there another way ?
A work-around ?
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you can create your own custom groups, to do so

1. click on users on the top menu in admin panel

2. select add new access level
3. name your new group / access level and save
4. this new group will then be available for you to select from the article properties
 don't forget to add your users to this group
when you create a new article you can set the access level to a specific group.

LeTayAuthor Commented:
Yes, but only to those groups defined by Joomla!
You can't create your own group and give access to it
LeTayAuthor Commented:
I missed that Access Level stuff
Many thanks !
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