query returns nothing

I imported a spreadsheet into tbl_A.
I imported a text file into tbl_B.

tbl_A that has corresponding information on tbl_B.  I verified this by manually searching tbl_B using a few of the entries from tbl_A -- and was able to locate the corresponding rows.

Next I created a select query joining the two tables on 'userid' -- but no records are returned.

The 'userid' field in both tables is formatted as Text.  The only difference is the size of the field.  But even when I make the field sizes the same -- I don't get any results......

Here is the query SQL:

SELECT tbl_A.UserID, tbl_B.UserID, tbl_B.LastName, tbl_B.FirstName
FROM tbl_A INNER JOIN tbl_B ON tbl_A.UserID = tbl_B.UserID;

Any ideas why I'm not getting expected results?

Thank you,
Jeanne ElmuccioAsked:
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Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
Use trim

SELECT tbl_A.UserID, tbl_B.UserID, tbl_B.LastName, tbl_B.FirstName
FROM tbl_A INNER JOIN tbl_B ON trim(tbl_A.UserID) = trim(tbl_B.UserID)

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Jeanne ElmuccioAuthor Commented:
Thanks!!!  worked perfectly...

Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
problem was, you not only had diffent fields, but also spaces in the field
So username "MY USERNAME" <> " MY USERNAME"

You might want to make the program, so that all spaces are removed from the beginning and end of the fields before saving
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