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Hard Drives -- different "cache" sizes ?

I have a Dell PowerEdge T630
server with PERC H330 which has
0 cache memory and RAID 5 using
three 600B 10k 64MB cache hard drives
on Windows Server Standard 2012R2
1. Will replacing one of these
with the same drive, but a smaller
32MB cache work ?

2. If so, will it cause
performance issues ?
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As long as it's the same interface; the same size; and the same RPM, a difference in the cache size isn't very significant -- and won't have any notable impact on performance.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer
Agree with garycase.  Once cache size reaches a "certain level" (which varies, depending on what kind of use the drive gets) an increase in cache size does not produce significant performance improvement.

Since Windows is also backing the RAID set internally using spare RAM for disk cache, I wouldn't expect to see any impact on performance.