CRM 2013 Migration

Hi All

I am wondering if you may be able to assist.  I am trying to take a backup of our current piloted CRM 2013 environment and restore it into a UAT environment for our testers to work on.

The steps I have taken so far have been:-

1)      So I have taken an SQL backup from the pilot CRM 2013 database and the config database.
2)      I have restored both of them into the UAT CRM 2013 SQL environment
3)      In the UAT App Server, I have tried to open MSCRM Deployment Manager and I get the following error message (displayed below) which is stopping me from creating a new Organisation etc..  Can anyone please assist as this is now an urgent matter and my experience of CRM is somewhat limited?

Thanks in advance
Fing wongAsked:
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Fing wongAuthor Commented:
Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
I think the problem is that you restored the config database as well which is causing the problems. The config database (MSCRM_CONFIG) is unique to each deployment (installation) of CRM; you have overwritten the one for your UAT system.

The safest way to deal with this is to remove CRM on your UAT system, delete the databases in SQL (UAT), reinstall CRM (which will create a new CONFIG db) and then copy over just the organization database to the UAT SQL. Then you can use Deployment Manager to import the database that you just restored.

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Fing wongAuthor Commented:
Hi and thanks for the response.  The only issue I have, is that when I originally didn't copy the MSCRM_CONFIG database, and then tried to open deployment manager, it complained about it not existing, hence I copied it across.

I've even tried creating just a blank database called MSCRM_CONFIG and running through the above process, but to no avail. I think the issue is definitely around that database like you say.

Should one be there anyway based on the deployment manager being installed already, as it wasn't?

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Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
MSCRM_CONFIG is created when you install CRM on a server and choose to create a new deployment.

There is no need to manually manage the MSCRM_CONFIG database and you certainly don't need to create it. The CRM install does all that.

I would start over with your UAT environment, check the install is fine by opening Deployment Manager and checking it works. Then restore your backup to the SQL UAT and try again.
Fing wongAuthor Commented:
Will do. Thanks again and I'll let you know how I get on.
Feridun KadirPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Are you at the NCFE in Newcastle? If so, say hello to Paul.
Fing wongAuthor Commented:
Will do when I see him. He's on hols so I'm going to to kill him when he gets back as his instructions haven't worked. Hence the questions. LOL!!!
Fing wongAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all of the responses.

That worked a treat.


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