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Imported CSS in a WordPress theme...can I change?

Roderick Wolsifer
Here's my stylesheet (style.css).  I need to be able to change some CSS for certain elements, can I replace the imported CSS with one held on our server?


Theme Name: Dopamine
Theme URI: http://londonthemes.com/index.php?themeforest=true
Description: Responsive Multipurpose Corporate WordPress Theme
Author: Skyali & Zucchero
Author URI: http://londonthemes.com/index.php?themeforest=true
Version: 1.0
License: GNU General Public License
License URI: license.txt
Tags:light, dark, white, black, gray, one-column, two-columns,  custom-menu,  featured-images, full-width-template, post-formats, theme-options, translation-ready, custom-colors


@import url("css/base.css");
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CSS is a top down interpretation of whatever you tell it. Meaning? basically this code:

a { color: blue; }
a { color: purple; }
a { color: red; }

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... would make the browser use "red" for the color of font within an anchor tag anywhere on the page like this:

<a>red font here!</a>

So, in the footer of your php, and before the closing </html> or </body> tags, just add whatever you want to cancel out or reset in again and it'll override it. The only issue is it needs to load the entire page before it gets to your styling, but once it sees it, it doesn't use the previously overridden CSS.



That's the site I'm working on.  My primary concern right now is I cannot get the menu to fit within the header space next to our logo.  If I expand the 'container' attribute in CSS to make it fit, the rest of the site is thrown off.

Worse, when I make changes to the NOO Menu in the WP dashboard, the changes aren't reflected on the page itself.  The CSS is chock full of !important tags and I have no idea which one is keeping my menu changes from happening.
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You can add this to the bottom of your css:

#header > div.logo_menu_area > div > div > div.span9 { width: 820px; }

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which will spill it over down underneath the logo, or:

#logo > a > img { width: 175px; }
#header > div.logo_menu_area > div > div > div.span3 { margin-left: 0; width: 175px; }
#header > div.logo_menu_area > div > div > div.span9 { width: 820px; }

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... add those and it will make your logo smaller, but fit everything into one line.
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I've done medical sites before, take a look here:

or here:

and you'll see that usually it makes sense to narrow your verbiage at some parts. *e.g., Patient Information -> Patients *or* For Patients, etc... where you could say *our doctors* instead of Meet the Doctors.

Hope that helps!


This did the trick, thanks a mil!