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I am trying to understand CSS or it may be something else.  I used do HTML coding ages ago... and now it obvious has changed.

        <!-- Logo container -->
            <a href="index.html"><div id="logo"><h1 class="logo">An elegant georgian apartment in the heart of Edinburgh New Town.</h1></div></a>
        <div id="tagline">Luxury apartment in Edinburgh New Town</div>

I have the above code and it shows an image on the page.... but no idea where the image gets referenced from or the size etc..

Can you help

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Kyle AbrahamsSenior .Net DeveloperCommented:
Check your CSS for a .logo class.  There might be a background-image or something in there.
F PCommented:
Oooohhhh, please don't use that as valid code anywhere. At no point should you put a <div> tag inside of an anchor <a> tag.

Look in the CSS like Kyle mentioned for any of the following:

tag .class #id { attribute: value; }

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So your code could use any number of selectors. I would use the Developer Tools to inspect the element as it's drawn in the DOM to figure out where and what is the applied CSS. It literally could say any of these (background is an example):

div#logo h1.logo { background: blue; }

.logo { background: blue; }

#logo { background: blue; }

div { background: blue; }

h1 { background: blue; }

div, h1 { background: blue; }

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... and I could keep going. Have a look at this fun star wars reference for order precedence:
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