Direct SAN connection not available.

I am using Veeam to backup my virtual environment. Veeam is installed on a physical server. I have 32 VMs that get backup. All backup fine with the exception of one. I get "Direct SAN connection not available Failing over to network. I have other VMs in the same datastore that backup fine which have no problem with dierct access to my SAN. There is proxy configuration in place in Veeam. What could be my issue.? It happens to on of my Exchange servers and it takes forever to back up so while it is backing up I am running off a snapshot.
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Please ensure that:
- HBA is properly installed in the Veeam Backup server computer, or software iSCSI initiator is configured correctly.
- SAN volume can be seen by operating system in the Windows Disk Management snap-in on the Veeam Backup server.
- Read access is allowed for the Veeam Backup server computer on the corresponding LUN (refer to your SAN documentation).
InSearchOfAuthor Commented:
OK. I was mistaken. The VM having the problem is only VM in the datastore. I checked on the SAN andthe volume does have read\write permission is allowed on the veam backup server. When I look at the windows disk management on the backup server I see volumes but I cannot tell which volume is what because there are no names. I do not see the same number of volumes as I have data stores.
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