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This morning, I accidentally disabled two mailboxes via PS.  The mailboxes did not show up in the disconnected mailboxes. I panicked and quickly recreated the mailboxes as if they were new users. Now, nobody inside the company can email them unless the email is part of a distribution group. They also get emails from outside the company. We've tried updating the address book and typing email address in manually. Not sure what else I need to do to allow internal users to send them emails.
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Your first issue could have been resolved running the clean-mailboxdatabase cmdlet. What this does is forces a refresh on the database which will show the recently disconnected mailboxes.

As for your other issue it is most likely related to Offline Address Book. A good test would be to have a user login to OWA and look in the GAL and see if this new mailbox you created is present.

When you create a new mailbox it is automatically updated in the GAL but not the OAB (offline address book).

By default, Outlook clients are configured using cached exchange mode which uses the offline address book for searches. The OAB is only updated globally every 24 hrs by default, unless otherwise specified in the schedule.

So your best test is to use OWA. if the address is present in the GAL (which it probably is as you have stated that external people can send to this mailbox) then the issue is the OAB and you need to either wait for it to populate or download the address book manually, from the Outlook client, which does not work all the time.

Another thing to mention is if you do not add the x500 address back to these mailboxes then people that are replying back to these addresses will get NDR's.

Also stated clear the auto complete as well.

However my recommendation would be to just re-connect the original mailboxes to the AD accounts. Just use the Clean-Mailboxdatabase cmdlet.

Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
take one of the users having this issue and see if they are using autocomplete to add the address
if so, try adding the user through the address book
if that works, delete that autocomplete entry (little x next to the name; depending on the version of outlook you are using)
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