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Google Chrome is "disappearing"

Windows 8.1, Chrome has been running just fine for months.  Now, for the past  week, when it launches, it appears on the taskbar but I can't see it on the monitor anywhere.  It's like it's running minimized.  Or it thinks somehow that there's a second monitor and it's showing on that monitor.  (This computer has never had a second monitor.)

I have rebooted the machine.

I have killed all instances of Chrome in Task Manager, and re-launched it.

I've tried launching it from the actual chrome.exe beneath Program Files\Chrome\Application (I think)

I've tried uninstalling it and re-installing it by re-downloading it.

Suggestions?  Thanks
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End-user support
Can you switch to it using Alt-Tab? If so, try...
- Switch to it.
- At this point, you still can't see it.
- Press Alt-SPACEBAR
- Type M
- Move the window around using the left, right, up, down arrow keys. Hold the key down for a few seconds. Then back. Then try another arrow key. Watch for the window to appear.
- If you see the window appear, press Enter
Click the Menu button at the far right of the address bar, the three horizontal lines and then click Relaunch Chrome on the desktop.
Dwight BaerStudent


OK, I'm not near this computer now, I'll try these things tomorrow.
Have you installed software with third party toolbars or search bars?
This may be the cause.

Hold Windows key and tap the X key.
Select and open “Control Panel”
Select “Programs and Features” and uninstall any toolbars or search bars in the list.
Reset Google Chrome.


If you still have the problem then read the other methods that have resolved this issue for others.
Dwight BaerStudent
I found this post at http://www.fixkb.com/2013/03/google-chrome-wont-open-in-windows-8.html :
I’m running Win 8.1. I fixed the problem this way :

1) go to the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application
2) right-click on chrome.exe
3) select Properties
4) select the Compatibility tab
5) un-tick the box under Compatibility Mode if it is ticked (mine was ticked for Windows XP mode)

I wonder if this happens when I run CCLEANER and some setting is altered that should not be. Anyway, hope this works for you.
NVITEnd-user support

Hi Dwight,

Glad you got it fixed. Have a good day.
Dwight BaerStudent


No, it's not fixed yet.

It's just that the customer is in a semi-distant location and I haven't been able to get to the computer yet to try these solutions.
*** Hopeleonie ***IT Manager
If nothing will work you can reset Google Chrome.

How to:
"I wonder if this happens when I run CCLEANER and some setting is altered that should not be."

Yes, CCLEANER is the likely cause.
Dwight BaerStudent


Thanks a lot.