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MySQL server communications / commands via a TCP/IP client???

keith1001 asked
I have a MySQL server on a network and I have a TCP/IP client that can send text and receive text strings.

Is it possible to have the TCP/IP client send a connection command, then and insert command?
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Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
Most Valuable Expert 2014

No.  MySQL has it's drivers and communications protocols.  You can not connect directly to it with something like telnet.  You can, in theory, connect to the server with telnet or SSH and run the 'mysql' command line program.

If you are using a programming language, you can use the appropriate MySQL driver and connect that way.  See the list here: https://www.mysql.com/products/connector/
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You need to be able to connect on port 3306 using the "TCP/IP Client" you mentioned. I don't know what specifically that "Client" is, but if it supports any of these connectors listed:


... then sure. I don't see why it couldn't. You might also want to checkout Mirth Connect:


Which only charges for support, but is designed to bring interop to differing systems into a single java interface. The community edition and your own code is free if there isn't already something built to work.


@dave that could possibly work.  My client app though is limited, it can only send strings and receive strings.

So are you saying I could just connect, then send a MySQL login command(String) and then wait a few seconds and then send the INSERT sql command (string)?


@dave, I tried Telnet but got bergish (I assume binary) back and could not do anything at all.
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That is correct, you can Not connect directly to MySQL.  You need to login to that machine with a valid user login and run the 'mysql' command line program (which is a utility program, not the server daemon).