CF 11 install issues

Issues installing CF 11 development server on Windows 7 Professional.
Have installed and uninstalled a handful of times and even when it seems that all installed ok everything is slower than you can imagine - web pages and even the CF administrator - like 30 seconds to load a different page.
Also I get this error alert in CF Administrator on Server Update > Updates page:
Error invoking CFC /CFIDE/administrator/updates/download.cfc : WDDX packet parse error at line 1, column 1. Content is not allowed in prolog.. [Enable debugging by adding 'cfdebug' to your URL parameters to see more information]

If it matters I have CF 9 installed but is stopped & disabled.

Any ideas?
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Mark ElySenior Coldfusion DeveloperCommented:
The problem is IIS is still referencing the CF9 paths.  Although you can run both versions on the same server Adobe recommend a fresh install.  Go through IIS/Handlers and make sure you delete any references to that old version.  

We had a similar problem.  This article address problems we encounter and the fixes.

Charlie Arehart has several articles on how to verify you have properly removed phantom references and reset the web connectors.

Download the ColdFusion LockDown Guide and follow it step by step:
dgrafxAuthor Commented:
You the man Mark!
I almost uninstalled CF9 but it's an actual version so wanted to keep it as CF11 is trial/dev ...

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