How do I make another text to speech language work on Server 2008 or 2012

I've installed the TTS mx-ES language runtime on my servers.  I can see it in both the "Programs and Features" and the "Text to Speech" functions of Control Panel.  However, when I select the mx_ES Hilda voice in Speech Properties, it give the error: That voice cannot be played.  Please try selecting another voice....

At first I didn't see the mx-ES entry but I found a registry mod that changed \Speech Server\v11.0\ to \Speech\ and that made it show.  What do I need to do to make the Spanish voice work?
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Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
try this.

Executing Windows\sysWOW64\speech\SpeechUX\SAPI.cpl brings up a Window that displays all of the 32 bit Voices and the current single 64 bit Voice "Anna". Unlike the 64 bit speech window, you can make any of the Voices the system default Voice. I checked this with Acapela's "Heather" and it works properly.
There obviously must be a way to do this programatically via SAPI5. I can set the default for a given application program, but still don't see the correct command to set the system default.
Setting the system default is, incidentally, only essential if you want to change the Voice for a program like MapPoint which uses only the default Voice.
The problem of obtaining Voices is a frustrating one. Microsoft has Voices other than Anna in their telecommunications package and these should be available in 64 bit. The only other known current source is Loquendo. Their 64 bit "Kate" voice is probably the best available, but it is very expensive and is unavailable for small quantity licensing. There is a fascinating Loquendo Power Point presentation that describes their sophisticated methodology for producing very high quality, naturally sounding TTS. You can find this on the Internet by doing a Google search for: "Loquendo Kate TTS Power Point Presentation". It was given at a SpeechTek meeting.
Acapela Group has the next best quality Voices (in my opinion). They are current available in 64 bit for the Snow Leopard OS, but not for Windows.
Finally, all of the known vendors of high quality Voices require that one purchase a base program in addition to one or more Voices. You cannot install the Voices without the base program being resident. One installed, they can be accessed via any SAPI5 compliant program. Small quantity licensing is on a per machine basis.
We obtained Heather by purchasing Acapela Group's InfoVox Desktop Pro base program with three voices for $190. Additional Voices are $35 each. This is the cost per computer for small volume licensing. It is possible that TextAloud ($29.95) could also be used at the base program, but I haven't tested this approach.Loquendo base plus Kate is reported to be about $600.
StarDusterIIAuthor Commented:
Yeah, I read that too.  There is a lot of conflicting information about TTS.  But something just doesn't make sense... Microsoft has one or more voices for almost every language to download.  They download and install without issue.  So, why can't they be used?  From all appearances on their site, it just should work.
StarDusterIIAuthor Commented:
Ok, I was stupid... I assumed that I had version 11 of the speech platform because Speech Server v11 was in the registry.  But, running out of other things to try, I downloaded and installed the Speech Platform Version 11 from and everything works... like it's supposed to I guess.

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StarDusterIIAuthor Commented:
Even though you can play TTS voices, you still need to download the Speech Platform Runtime.
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