replacing header info

Hi Guys,

how can i replace this in my header info
<div class="phone-icon-small"></div><p><strong>Call: </strong>Ph. (353) 01 8342255 | </p><a href=""><p><div class="email-icon-small"></div></p></a>

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with the info shown here in the attached image

header infoheader info
Thanks as always
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Duy PhamFreelance IT ConsultantCommented:
See an example here:
The idea is that you put the header info section into the "top-right" section, and then centralize header info section.
Duy PhamFreelance IT ConsultantCommented:
Quick solution could be using a table as in this example:
jonathanduane2010Author Commented:
great, nearly have it!

how do i centre and make the fax fit?
Duy PhamFreelance IT ConsultantCommented:
Center and fit the fax into what? Please describe more details about how you want your header looks like and behaves against different window sizes. Only screenshot doesn't give much information for us to form a sample that fits your expectation.

For you expected layout in the screenshot you described, you should have at least a minimum width for header section to avoid the texts to be wrapped.
jonathanduane2010Author Commented:
you see top of the page here

it would be great if i could move it to the centre instead of aligning to the left ?
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