is it possible to write articles online and receive compensation?

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Hello and Good Afternoon Everyone,

           I am wondering if there are online sites which pay people for writing articles on a variety of topics.  If so, I am interested in checking out any of them which provide opportunities to earn extra part time or full time income for writing services.

           Thanks so much in advance for any attention given to this question.  

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Hi George,

You're in luck! I've stumbled upon a lot of sites that pay for articles/essays/reviews/etc for a variety of writing styles and interests. The best part about sites like this is you can work remotely, when you need extra 'gigs' and to fit your skill set.

Here are a few great resources to get you going:

Freelance - This is regularly used by a large amount of places to hire/find freelance writers for their projects - 

ProBlogger - Very reputable opportunities from high profile publications looking for writers -

Freelancer - Easily browse different opportunities -

A great resource for advancing and refining your writing career (as a freelancer or otherwise) is The Write Life - - I'd encourage you to follow this site for even more tips and information to help as you move forward.

Best of luck, hope this helps!


Hello and Good Morning Leslie

             Thank you so much for your extensive research into my interest in writing online.  I am confident your submitted online resources will prove fruitful in my quest.  

             Have a great day.


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