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Hi all

This killing me i have a packard bell which has win 8 installed the customer wants win 7. Went into the
BIOS to change secure boot found out that i had set a password to change. Now there is no Legacy option.
So how to i install win7 if i cant find the Legacy optoion

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If the system is with the original owner get back to PB for them to reset the password.  They'll need proof of purchase  and will charge for the service even if you have support (although if you have a support  contract you may get this for a discount).

All UEFI BIOSs use NVRAM to secure them and without the password or a fix from the manufacturer you can't change this.
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Sorry Sorry  to much last haha

I have changed the secure boot thats ok, But i cant see how to get the legacy to show up so i can install win7
As long as you are installing 64bit Windows 7 there should not be a problem.
Looks like not enough coffee, thought you'd locked yourself out!
Is this the Toshiba from your earlier question?  32 or 64bit?  Is it booting from the DVD drive OK now?
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Its recovery usb hdd which i made from the os on the pb pc is 64bit
the win 7 64bit
Well, 64bit Windows 7 should not have any problem installing on UEFI configuration. What exact steps are you taking so that you get the problem there?
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Well the win 7 or win 8 both 64 bit just dont seem to boot and go into installation, it goes
to the the logon screen. I have the boot order to boot from my extern cd drive.
Also my recovery hdd goes to to the advanced options and usb when i choose usb it asks
me to choose languages and then keyboard layout when i do so it shuts down and starts all over agian.
Lets research the problem step by step. We need to check if USB sticks are bootable at all. Create a Linux based USB stick. Or create a Windows 8.1 USB stick using Microsoft USB download tool. Check if your system boots from it.
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it was a bad cd drive
glad to see you found it!