C# + Ajax + textbox search

I have a textbox that once the user has enetered something and the off focus it searches the database and then populates results in other fields, I would also like to implement ajax so it shows a spinning wheel or something beside the textbox to let the user know it is currently searching - how do i go about doing this.
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The ASP.NET AJAX Toolkit might help you implement the desired functionality:

The ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit is an open-source project built on top of the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX framework.
Johny BravoCommented:
Hi dkilby,

Please refer
Here an autocomplete textbox (search from database) is implemented and along  ContactName , customerID is also fetched. You can fetch all the columns from your table and then you can pass the output in javascript so that your other textbox will have related information.
Please try and let me know if you stuck somewhere
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