How To Build A Makeshift Production Studio

Hello All. I had setup an Adobe Media Server  to stream the live sermons for my church and it has been running like a top for a little over 2 years. I have since forgotten most of the concepts but have all of my work and access to a copy of all of the required software or flowplayer.

Now- I have a couple of new tasks at hand and I'm ready to turn my home office into a studio :). I would like to know the best approach to handling these tasks.
Task 1: Setup a webinar-style commercial for my websites.
Task 2: I'm getting married on Harbour Island at the end of May and would like to stream the wedding and also present it on a flatscreen live as well as doing video/slideshow in background at reception.

Here are the tools I have:
>A Fairly powerful Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V Host with the ability to dedicate a VM for studio
>Digital capture card
>A JVC Everio Full HD camcoder (not WIFI)
JVE EVERIO>A Portable Mixerboard with USB input
Portable Mixer>A pawnshop-acquired Samson CO1U USB Studio Condenser
Studio USB Mic> A laptop and/or Ipad for wedding setup.
What is the best approach to streaming/ serving my content?

I'm not sure how to tap into JVC unless I install AMS on a VM and hopefully I will have access to the card through the hyper-v bus

ps. I also have a couple versions of Roju, Sony Blue ray with streaming ability and network interface along with Plex Media Server
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For Task 1  - I recommend that you try a pilot run using Google Hangouts on Air for free:

For Task 2 - that could be a major challenge and lead to an unhappy spouse if you are focused on tech during the wedding : -)
I recommend that you setup a Magisto account and have friends snap pictures and video before, during, and after the wedding. Each person's footage and pictures can be uploaded to a shared Google drive location which, can be accessed from your Magisto account.

Designate someone to log into the Magisto account and import the content from Google Drive create the video montage. It won't be real-time, but you can download project or stream from during the reception.

I utilize a Premium Magisto account and it really allows you to make fantastic videos with only a mobile phone.

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A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
"Designate someone.."
ohhh yeah! I won't even be able to look at it lol
I will look into these otions.
What if I want to try to make a really crisp, professional commercial? Do you reccomend any particular software for working with the A/V stream?
In the past I used a product called Serious Magic which, was bought out by Adobe. It's been discontinued, but Adobe still offers an activation utility if you can get hold of a copy of the software. -

I only mention this product because it offers exactly what you need in virtual sets for commercials. Please take a look at the start-up founder video overview of the product:
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An alternative product to take a look is called Wirecast. There is a trial available and it has Chroma key features.
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
Can you give me a little more detail on the hangout On air ?
The first thing you will need to do is establish a Gmail account to associate with your YouTube channel. I recommend that you look around the interface and lock down the privacy settings so that no comments are allowed. At least until you're comfortable with how the tools work.

The following two links provide step by step instructions on how to setup a Google Hangouts broadcast:

You will also have to make sure that your JVC camera can function basically like a high-resolution web cam. Here's a generic tutorial for a JVC cameras that have USB, DV, or RCA connections.
I am looking into Wedding Options for a friend. I think in general Google Hangouts On Air would be the way to go for your normal webinars and such, but for a wedding you may not if you want it prettier, for technical support or for simplicity.

A Google Hangout On Air I believe always requires at least another participant in the Hangout so your broadcast will have your wedding plus the video/audio stream from at least one other location. Now you could have the person mute their video/Audio, but still you have to have one other person/site involved. But on the flip side, if one of the other endpoints was at the wedding with a tablet (audio muted to prevent feedback) in the Google Hangout perhaps you could have a camera perspective switch occasionally. Especially good if you were to do a close up chat during your reception. The other advantage of a Google Hangout on Air is that once it is over the video is popped up on YouTube for people to watch automatically. Conversely if you didn't want the whole world to be able to watch it later you would have to log on right after the wedding and change the video to Private. Also since it will go live, you will want to make sure that you have someone at the computer muting the audio during any songs that aren't old hymns for copyright reasons.

For a little more pretty website, I have been looking a some paid wedding streaming services. One even sends the hardware required for a reasonable fee. This looks great for someone with less technical skill. But it also provides technical support via phone which you would never have with the free Google option. The one I have been looking at is:
I Do Stream : $199 for 2 hours, $349 for 6 using your equipment. $600 to use theirs.

I have another friend that used UStream for their wedding as one was an American and the other an Aussie so a video stream was the only way for all of their family to see.

Offbeat Bride website did a summary of free options and they liked Google Hangouts On Air best unless only a single other site to stream in which case they would go with Skype.

Whatever you decide to do please let us know.
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
take a look here:

There's probably not much going on there now but That is the adobe
streaming media server and I run .  I wonder if there is a way to clone the entire server?
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
its actually pitch black in the sanctuary but you get the idea
I haven't worked much with Hyper-V, but I know it's pretty easy to clone a physical machine using VMWare tools (Cadillac of virtualization). Secondly, once you have a virtual image you can to opt run your streaming serving in any number of cloud hosting services.

On the flip side, it's probably a great cost savings by hosting the streaming media server in-house...

BTW, there's option from Skype that supports broadcasting a video stream from certain mobile phones:

Secondly, here's another great article regarding options for broadcasting video streams from almost any location:
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
yeah theres just 1 problem- this is a physical W7 box. Not a VM
Like LajunTaylor said you can clone a physical machine with VMWare Convertor but the licensing on some versions of W7 may not work so well.
@A_AmericanELectric - The following  answer comes from the Answers Microsoft forum:

As a former MVP for Virtual Machines, I have been down this path.

You cannot do what you want to do with a single retail license for Windows 7.  The license does not allow installation on more than one device or partition at the same time.  A virtual machine on the same host computer is considered a separate computer or device for licensing purposes.  Installation is the key concept.

While retail (boxed copies) are transferable, if your copy of Windows came preinstalled on your computer by the manufacturer (OEM) then you cannot clone and install it on any other computer or device (even a virtual one) regardless.

What you can do is purchase a new copy of Windows (retail) and install that in a virtual machine.  You can store the virtual files on a usb drive.  However, in my experience usb drives are limiting.

What I would do is purchase a small pocket-sized hard drive that is usb powered and use that for the virtual machine.  Then you don't have to mess with the legalities of installations on multiple devices and you can use the vm on the computer of your choice by simply plugging in the hard drive.  See

Other issues include the hardware differences between your host computer and the emulated devices in a virtual machine.  Messy stuff.

I have dozens of virtual machines, all legally licensed, on a pair of external drives that I move between computers all the time.  Portability is one of the great advantages of virtualization. Obviously the one prerequisite is that VPC 2007 be installed on each of the machines or that all be running Windows 7 and have VPC7 installed.

Colin Barnhorst
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
Understood and I don't want to get too far off topic here out of fairness to you and the next poor guy trying to solve a similar problem but about a minute before I read your last post I had screwed down an old 2.5" 350G laptop drive into my drivebay adapter on the host and prepared to fire it up with for a benchtest. I think I have a 2008 r2 license which should do.
Lets see what happens
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
What about suse or turnkey or debian? Do they offer  a free appliance for streanming media from?
@A_AmericanELectric - I'm not sure if Turnkey offers a streaming media server, but here's a list of the available apps. 

Regarding a solution to Task 1, please take a look at the following web site:
He turned his home basement into a web based broadcast studio and he's actually charging for access to certain content.

I noticed that one of the services he uses is:
Professional hosting & analytics, free forever.
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I watched a bit of the content. Pretty interesting. I'm looking into using hangouts as my source.
Another issue I need to get tackled is the internet connection because the event is outside on a  terrace. Using a phone for a hotspot has proven to be slow and unreliable in my opinion.
Also wirelesly connecting the cam to the server that I'm in the process of putting together for this momentous event ;)
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
Sorry- What I'm asking is what the popular routes are I guess.
Livestream offers a hardware solution for about 300
The first thing you need is a fast and reliable Internet connection. I recommend a dedicated mobile hot-spot. Here is a CNET review of the best mobile hot-spots for 2015:

I've used a Verizon hot-spot before and it worked well even with two mobile phones connected and a tablet streaming Netflix... The downside to Verizon is that the data plans are expensive.

Secondly, perform a few tests with different configurations to see what works best for your needs. Is it possible for you to perform a speed and connectivity test from Harbour Island in the next couple of days?

The Livestream device would make setup easier. The only caveat is can you get the device in time for the wedding... I noticed that the Livestream Pro has support for a USB 4G LTE Modem as well.

If you have time to test, I would try the least expensive hardware option first - Livestream mini.
Take a look at the Livestream reviews on YouTube:

The cost of the unit is relatively affordable, but the catch is that the device is locked to livestream's streaming platform. It's a subscription service.

Even more interesting if you cough up another $800 you can purchase their special switching software, which will allow you to stream to other platforms...
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
Thats a big cough!
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
Don't really need them anyway. The config at the church has the identical JVC Everio except it has WIFI (Unused and I'm the IT and I bought both cams so it would definitely be an option to swap for the day).
The cam sits up in the soundbooth window with a Yeti Mic and both feed down 6' to a dedicated W7 server that I built with FMS5, FMLE and XSplit broadcaster. I control the the server with a bunch of bat files.
Anyway the server uses 2 CAT6 cables with one of the NICs facing the WAN to help with latency.
Its not the prettiest site and my pastor buddy has been on me to try to find someone to overhaul it but its been humming along for more than 2 years. It uses a lot of bandwidth!
Check it out if you want:

What if I simply download Xsplit to my remote machine and simply used the church server as the server? I'm pretty sure that would work and i could do a test from here.
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
Go to and use the drodown for remote.

I'm building the server and going to use a rolling rack.

What type of wireless NIC card do you think?
Amazon Purchase
That's definitely an option - using the church server as your delivery platform and leveraging the add remote camera feature of XSplit broadcaster.

I would spec the Wi-Fi card as if I were going to be using it for gaming. TRENDNet has some good hardware in my opinion. I went through several internal Wi-Fi cards on my home computers before trying the TRENDNet products. I'm currently using a USB model and it works fine.
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
Good advice! I have one remaining detail. At home I have several methods of sending audio/video where it needs to go
(Chromecast, Roku, Sony  Bluray, pioneer receiver) which makes the Ipad a great place to play DJ from. I was hoping to do this or similar method to one of my employees who prides himself in being an ex amateur DJ.
The mixer board has a USB input but I think its strictly MP3 capable because I tried plugging  my USB MIC and my cel but nothing.
I will have the video streaming server there available to receive a signal though.
@A_AmericanELectric - I would verify that the USB input is actually working first. Is there anything available that you definitely know works with the mixer board USB input? I've experienced USB port failure before...

Secondly, can you find any documentation on the mixer board that provides the specs for supported file types and the USB port?  

Some USB mixer boards have a specific sequence of settings  that you must follow to properly enable USB input.  See the following examples:
@A_AmericanELectric -  Not sure if you are online, but take a look at the live webcast that's starting in about 5 minutes. He leverages basic equipment for the live streaming.
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
Wedding was beautiful and a huge success electronically (5/28/15)!
AT&T portable hot spot streamed the entire event flawlessly! Me playing around with vinella ice and salt-n-peppa on the sound machine made the outdoor reception a blast! Now I have this beast on wheels with brand new server and 20" speakers and not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it! Thanks for all your help and maybe you can assist with my next post:
"Portable Streaming Cam"Portable Event Server
A_AmericanELectricAuthor Commented:
LajuanTaylor- Lots of fun to work with!
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