Is my Brighthouse Echo router slowing down my internet connection.

I currently have Brighthouse (cable company) Modem and Echo router combination. I keep losing connection, and getting a slow connection. When it is working I getting over 40 MEG of download speed but other times I am getting less than 1 MEG of download speed. Should I return the Echo router that I am renting and purchase my own router or is there some other issue that could be making this happen?
Richard BrownAsked:
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Richard BrownAuthor Commented:
My son connected his laptop directly through from the modem with an Ethernet cable and I connected wireless through the router. We used and begin the test at the same time. He got 75 MB download speed and I got 11 MB at the same time and mine kept fluctuating.
wireless connections are always slower than wired - and the speed depends largely on the signal strength
so if you want more speed - check that you have  a very good signal strength, or use an amplifier, extender, or booster for the signal
Richard BrownAuthor Commented:
My signal strength shows about four bars. Bright House sent someone here today and he moved the modem-router to a room upstairs that is closer to my den. The signal was actually been better since then. I used the 5G for a little while and had really good speed but then it dropped off again.
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>>  closer to my den  <<    that will get the strength up
if it is "on the limit"  you better use a booster, or extender, to avoid problems in the future
Richard BrownAuthor Commented:
Since no one is actually answering this question with a solution please close.

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your question was answered, as far as i can tell : you need a better signal strenght
as for closing - you are supposed to do that yourself
i answered this "or is there some other issue that could be making this happen"
but do as you like
Richard BrownAuthor Commented:
My original question was "Should I return the Echo router that I am renting and purchase my own router or is there some other issue that could be making this happen"

This question was never addressed so I am closing this question.
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